Cocina Que Canta Organic Farm (Tecate, Mexico)
December 1, 2015
SD Farmers market
Hillcrest Farmer’s Market (San Diego, CA)
December 3, 2015

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Type: Restaurant


We are excited today to feature one of the highlights of our recent trip to Palm Springs. Palm Greens Café is an organic restaurant located in the heart of Palm Springs that offers a diverse organic menu suitable for everyone. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to go along with their organic meat dishes. Palm Greens also boasts a great selection of organic beverages including smoothies, juices, local coffee, kombucha, homemade lavender lemonade, and shakes. We couldn’t get enough of their Vegan Date Shake, made with bananas, dates, cashew milk, and a choice of chocolate or vanilla. (Oh, and you can also add any nut butter !)


We particularly enjoyed their breakfast menu and found ourselves coming back nearly every morning. You can start your day off right here with a nice selection of both American and Mexican style breakfast dishes, including breakfast tacos, root veggie hash, the “Palm Scramble,” vegan pancakes and french toast, and huevos rancheros. (pictured)


Our favorite part about breakfast at Palm Greens was that every breakfast plate can be made vegan, with a choice of tofu scramble offered in lieu of eggs. Although we wanted to try everything, we had a hard time resisting our favorite meal of the trip… the vegan tamales! Made with vegan cheese and served with rice, beans, chili verde and a choice of eggs or tofu scramble, it was extremely hard to resist ordering this one every time.


For lunch, we also had the opportunity to enjoy their vegan chili and falafel wrap.

There is way more to choose from than we were able to sample, so click here to check out their website and make a point to visit next time you find yourself visiting Palm Springs.