Living Wages

Why are they important?

A "Living Wage" is a wage that is sufficient enough to maintain a regular standard of living in terms of shelter, food, and general life necessities. There are countless people struggling day to day just to access clean water or enough food to feed themselves or their families. Ideally, a living wage allows for such a population to embrace a more healthy, robust way of living.

Higher Pay, Lower Labor

The controversy

To maintain the lavish existence that we do in the first world it is argued that wages must remain low in order to keep the costs away from the consumer. In Mexico, minimum wage is about $5 per day. With market prices rising to nearly those of America, families must turn to extremely low quality foods, dilapidated shelters, and very poor water sources to sustain. Perhaps there is something that we as a nation could sacrifice for the betterment of humankind?

Minimum Wages Around the World

Some countries have minimum wages as low at $.02 per hour while others receive well beyond $20 for only one hour of work. Follow the link to gain new insight into who is getting paid what.